Recruiting Definition

Synonyms: Recruitment

Definition: Recruting

The term recruiting comes from the field of personnel management and was formerly also called recruitment. The primary goal of recruiting is to fill a vacant position with an employee. This employee can come from within the company or from outside. Today, numerous methods are used to find qualified applicants. For example via job portals, social media or trade fairs. A well structured recruiting process is coordinated with the subsequent onboarding. The classic process is divided into individual stages:

  1. The analysis of the requirement profile (Which competences are important for the job?)
  2. Candidate search (Through which channels do we find suitable candidates)
  3. Selection interviews (personal or virtual interviews for qualification)
  4. Employment contract and recruitment (record in writing the agreement reached during the selection interview)
  5. Integration of the new employee in the company (onboarding)

In most cases, the task of recruiting personnel is performed by the HR department. The employee is then trained in the relevant department. Online measures in particular are currently the trend when it comes to recruiting.