Synonyms: Teamwork

Definition: Collaboration

Collaboration refers to the networked collaboration of people. The focus is on cooperative exchange and fast access to information. This information should be accessible independently of time and place in order to be able to work across different areas. Collaboration is an important factor for successful projects and cooperation with employees of other companies. Today, the term is also used as social collaboration. The reason for this is the digitalization of the world of work, since distances can be eliminated with concepts such as teleworking. The addition of the word "social" is also intended to place greater emphasis on the interaction of a group of people. In practice, collaboration tools are used in order to work together effectively.

collaboration tools

There are numerous collaboration tools on the market, almost all of which are cloud based. There is a good reason for this: working online saves installations and access to a tool from any device.

We have put together a list of different tools, without any rating and in a certain order, to give you an overview:

  • Google Drive - Various Goolge services bundled for shared file processing
  • NextCloud - Document collaboration and expandable with chat or other features
  • Office 365 - MS Office products online in the cloud
  • Confluence - Project management via intelligent system
  • Jira - ticket system, which is often used by development teams
  • Basecamp - to-do lists, chat, calendar and more
  • Slack - Communication tool
  • GitHub - Review code and save paths
  • Bitbucket - Platform for Code Management
  • Mentimeter - Interactive presentations with real-time interaction via mobile devices
  • Trello - Organization of Kanban boards for project work
  • Dropbox - Link local files in the cloud. Comparable to Google Drive.
  • Master task - Task management
  • Jive - Managing relationships between people and topic related content
  • Zoho - Over 40 apps (CRM, finance, etc.)
  • WhatsApp - Messenger service for SMS, picture, video and voice messages
  • GoToMeeting - Videoconferencing
  • Google Hangout - communication tool for audio and video calls
  • Microsoft Teams - Platform for teams with integrated chat, notes and more
  • Amazon Chime - Online meetings and video conferencing