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With digital learning media (eLearning) you share knowledge effectively within the company. Whether it is the introduction of new processes or further training - we create the appropriate digital training content. The start for your participants is very uncomplicated, because we connect to existing systems, with which you already work. For example your cloud or your website. Even small materials can make a big difference. We are a competent partner, especially for educational institutions and companies.

eLearning consulting

eLearning Consulting & Implementation

We support you holistically with eLearning. From small measures like online meetings to complete learning platforms. Among other things with these solutions:

Everything online always ready to hand

First, your content is structured and easy to find. Second, you simplify complex content because you don't have to read long texts to understand a problem. Thirdly, your target group can learn from their mobile phone while on the move. Fourthly, you also promote the exchange of information with each other.

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Simplify complex content

Do you want to share knowledge more effectively within your company?

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We create didactic eLearning contents

When creating eLearning content it is important to know the learning goal and the clear message. Furthermore, you should not overload your employees with functions, but only use the functions they need. Therefore, we pay attention to their requirements and didactics so that the learning content is directly understood. We also take your processes into account to achieve practical content with added value.

eLearning contents from Dortmund

You are planning to introduce eLearning in your company, but do not know how to get started? Many companies feel the same way because there are numerous tools for digital learning. Therefore the selection and adaptation of your eLearning solution is important. Especially if you have not analysed the requirements in detail. Our team from Dortmund supports you in the introduction of eLearning. Afterwards your participants can access relevant information anytime and anywhere. This provides you with an opportunity to share knowledge within your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We bring important training content that you are currently printing or communicating online. We also work closely with you. This way we can quickly digitalize your information with our tools. 

On the contrary - because you save valuable time and also costs. The time you invest at the beginning for the creation with us is unique. Therefore your investment will pay off very quickly.

  • Less effort for IT (provider takes care of updates and maintenance)
  • Updates (You do not have to print out your documents every time. Furthermore, the inhatle can be quickly updated and extended).
  • More flexibility and productivity (work on documents in real time and from any device or location)
  • Uniform structure (you specify the structure. In other words: Not all employees store important content differently).
  • Interface to other services (Easy integration of further services. For example calendar, chats and much more).
  • Traceable (trace changes and activities of colleagues to documents)

Both in the initial phase and in the further course of the project, we check the success of your solution and collect important feedback from your employees. We also support you during the introduction with simple tools. We develop our materials so that all employees can understand and use them directly.

Talk to our team, so that we know how your process is going so far and which tools you use. In most cases a change is very unproblematic. The integration itself does not require a special system and can be accessed directly on any end device (e.g. mobile phone, laptop or tablet).

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